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Welcome to the wonderful world of Balloons with Sam!
Where creativity, humor, and kindness combine to create unforgettable memories.

Next level balloon entertainment!


Whether you're looking for classic balloon animals, silly hats, or imaginative creatures, Sam has something special for everyone! With a wide range of designs to choose from, your guests will be awed and amazed by his expert technique and creative balloon wizardry.

Sam is enthusiastic and loves to delight audiences. His humor shines through with every joke and pun he shares, ensuring that your guests are entertained and fully enjoying the m

Plus he's dressed so sharp, it's a wonder the balloons don't pop!


Expect Excellence



Fully insured and expertly trained, Sam practices safe boundaries with guests, and communicates simple rules effectively so everyone can enjoy the fun! 



Sam twisted his first balloons at age 5, and went professional at age 18 in 2009. He has twisted balloons at hundreds of events, from backyard BBQs to elegant galas. WIth his warm and friendly nature, Sam easily fits in anywhere, and his balloons make every event extra special!



Sam knows good communication is key to a successful event, so he is sure to collect important details, and set reminders in order to arrive on time -- ready to twist and shout! Sam uses only the highest quality latex balloons, to ensure vibrant designs and fantastic durability.

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